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Everyday Programming

Tinsel & Tunes is a Christmas music radio channel that broadcasts yearly from November 1st through January 1st. The format is the brainchild of former creator Mak McKeehan and broadcasts from a digital studio in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Tinsel & Tunes is syndicated by Nexus Radio in Chicago, Illinois.
The unique blend of rock, pop, jazz, classical and classic Christmas music was created to provide the perfect holiday mix for both active and passive listening. The lack of traditional “cheesy” songs is intentional. This well balanced programming is meant to entertain, enlighten and engage the listener without the need for the chipmunks, dogs barking or droning sappy ballads.
Lite, fun and fresh, Tinsel & Tunes will bring a smile to your face as you hear some of your favorites performed both traditionally and with artistic melodic updates.


Christmas Cocktails (Fridays from 8pm-1am EST)

Grab a martini, a mini crab cake and someone you dig. Christmas Cocktails takes the classics of the 40s, 50s and 60s and adds a splash of spice. These remixed originals are the perfect mix for the modern holiday party. The music is specifically chosen to kick your party in the pants. Crank up your SONOS, bluetooth player or stereo as Christmas Cocktails is sure to keep your guests happy well into the snow-fallen night!