Tinsel & Tunes Updates

Record breaking November

Thanks to all of you, we had more than 1.8 MILLION tune-ins in November, yielding over 37,600 total listening hours! This makes us the #1 Holiday Music Station on Shoutcast! Whoo hoo! Our free Christmas music channel is really kicking it this year. As many of you know, we reached our threshold on Tuesday & Wednesday of this week. As a result, Fusion added more listening slots. Today, we filled those additional slots as well! Again, if you cannot get through, click the 32k aac+ link below to listen. Yes, it is a lower bit-rate but the AAC+ sounds great. We highly recommend listening via Winamp. You can download a free copy of Winamp by clicking here.

We are working feverishly to grab some more bandwidth and increase our available 128k listening slots yet again. We will keep you posted.  Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays from everyone at Fusion Radio & Tinsel and Tunes.

At capacity and adding more slots

Yes, we’ve hit our listener capacity two days in a row! That’s awesome. Thanks for the support. We’re working on increasing listener slots as this is being typed. In the meantime, if you cannot get through, click here, to listen to our 32k acc+ stream until the new slots are set up. Thanks for making 2010 a record year for Tinsel and Tunes!

UPDATE: 12/1/2010 7:00pm

The additional 128k listening slots were added at 3pm EST. Thanks for your patience! Tinsel & Tunes is thrilled to provide so many of you with the perfect Christmas mix. Thanks for listening!

Christmas cocktail recipes

Holiday Cocktail gude

This year’s edition of Tinsel & Tunes is blowing the doors off of previous seasons. We have been producing free Christmas Music for more than 5 years and have never seen numbers this good! Thanks so much for all of the support.

Our brand new feature “Christmas Cocktails” airs again tomorrow and Saturday night from 8pm – 1am EST. Let us be the DJ for your holiday party with some spiced up, tricked out Christmas classics perfect for setting the Christmas mood. In honor of Christmas Cocktails, here is a list of some of the best Holiday themed cocktails out there. Courtesy of thatsthespirit.com.