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Tinsel & Tunes broadcasts via the Tune In App and our own iPhone App.


The Perfect Holiday Music Mix.

Our unique mix of Christmas music.
No sappy ballads, no dogs barking and no donkeys. That’s our promise.


A Party Every Weekend.

Call your friends, grab a glass.
Tune in to “Christmas Cocktails” every Friday & Saturday for a radical blend of holiday hits, mixed perfectly to carry the beat of your Christmas gathering.

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Every Day programming

Tinsel & Tunes is a Christmas music radio channel that broadcasts yearly from November 1st through January 1st. The format is the brainchild of former MakRadio.com creator Mak McKeehan and broadcasts from a digital studio in Pennsylvania. Tinsel & Tunes is syndicated by Fusion Radio Chicago a division of Pure Pulse Media.
The unique blend of rock, pop, jazz, classical and classic Christmas music was created to provide the perfect holiday mix for both active and passive listening. The lack of traditional “cheesey” songs is intentional. This well balanced programming is meant to entertain, enlighten and engage the listener without the need for the chipmunks, dogs barking or droning sappy ballads written only to bring a tear to your eye.
Lite, fun and fresh, Tinsel & Tunes will bring a smile to your face as you hear some of your favorites performed both traditionally and with artistic melodic updates.


Christmas Cocktails (Friday/Saturday 8pm-1am EST)

Grab a martini, a mini crab cake and someone you dig. Christmas Cocktails takes the classics of the 40s, 50s and 60s and adds a splash of spice. These remixed originals are the perfect mix for the modern holiday party. The music is specifically chosen to kick your party in the pants. Connect your computer, iPhone, or other internet radio listening device to the stereo and save money on a DJ. Christmas Cocktails is sure to keep your guests happy well into the snow-fallen night!

Listen via your Smart Phone or Mobile Device

Listen to Tinsel and Tunes via your mobile phone by using the Tinsel & Tunes iOS app available in the iTunes App store or via the TuneIn app. TuneIn offers apps for every smart phone and tablet platform, best yet, it’s free! If you love TuneIn you can upgrade to pro for a small rate. Download TuneIn and search for “Tinsel and Tunes”.

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Tinsel and Tunes – Pure Pulse Media LLC

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Tinsel Player

Though all of our streams sound great, this one has the highest fidelity, but uses the most data. Listen here if you have an unlimited data plan on your mobile devise or are listening via WI-FI.
Tune in November 1st!

Listen via iTunes or your favorite media player.

Tune in November 1st!


Mobile Stream

Our mobile listening stream is powered by AAC+ advanced coding technologies that uses as much as 80% less data usage than other radio stations! Tune in November 1st.
Tune in November 1st!


iPhone App

Data plan friendly! The Tinsel & Tunes free Christmas music iOS app is powered by AAC+ using as much as 90% less data usage than other radio apps that stream T&T.
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Gearing up for our 2014 Launch

I get giddy every year when I write our “coming soon” post. As much I love the summer time, there is something so special about Fall. Maybe it’s the combination of the cooler air and everything pumpkin, but Autumn is one of my favorite times of year. More importantly, it means the Tinsel & Tunes team is back in the studio preparing for our annual broadcast tradition. Many seasons have come and gone since we launched Tinsel & Tunes Free Christmas Music radio broadcast 9 years ago and we have maintained our commitment to finding the best Christmas music for our yearly mix. This year is no exception.

2014 will find many new artists added to the broadcast. Curating the playlist since June, Tinsel & Tunes has undergone the most additions and changes as we have seen in quite some time with still a lot of work to do. Last year’s stream tipped the scales at nearly 2 million streams launched. Tinsel & Tunes has truly become a holiday tradition for so many people and I couldn’t be more proud.

We will kick off the season at 12:01am on November 1st. The first person who correctly identifies the first three songs we play will receive an AMAZON gift card to help offset their holiday shopping expenses, so mark your calendar!

One other major change for 2014; our studio has moved to Pittsburgh! Though this means nothing to you, we are excited to finally have the broadcast originating from such a cool place. We love Pittsburgh and the city’s energy has the T&T team motivated to make 2014 our best season yet. So, it may be early, but Merry Christmas to all! More to come and I’ll look for you in a few weeks.

Warm Wishes.
Founder/Creative Director – Tinsel & Tunes

Christmas Day 2013

free commercial free Christmas music on Christmas morning
For our second year, Tinsel & Tunes will be offering special programming on Christmas Day. The broadcast will feature all of your favorite Tinsel & Tunes music with very limited station promotional announcements, nothing but Christmas song after Christmas song! We are thrilled to be part of your holiday season and would love to join your Christmas morning traditions as well! The limited station announcements will take place until 3pm EST.

Tinsel & Tunes is always commercial free, providing the best mix of free Christmas music on the net. If you’re not quite sure how to get Tinsel & Tunes around your Christmas tree this December 25th, here are a few suggestions.

How to Listen on Christmas Day

1. Download the Tinsel & Tunes App
The Tinsel & Tunes app is built for all iOS devices and streams with a data plan-friendly bit rate, using significantly less data than most all other broadcasting apps.

2. Download the TuneIn Radio App (all mobile devices)

The TuneIn app is a great way to listen to Tinsel & Tunes, however, it does use a much higher 128k stream. We suggest listening via wifi when using the TuneIn app to avoid those pesky data plan fees.

3. Listen on your smart phone/smart pad device directly

The listen links provided on our website will stream the station directly from our servers via most mobile web browsers. We suggest Safari and/or Google Chrome. Unlike the apps, if there is a slight hiccup in your internet connection, you will need to re-start the stream.

4. Listen on your computer

When in doubt, listening on your computer is always sure fire way to tune in! Using the listen links provided above, you can tune in via iTunes or any number of 3rd part player software that handles mp3 and aac+ streams. Though they will no longer be supported at the end of 2013, we recommend the most basic version of WinAmp.

5. Connect to your stereo

Connecting your smart phone, iPad and other mobile devices to your stereo is much easier than you may have thought. The guys over at “Mac How To” offer a great how-to guide. So instead of reinventing the wheel, here is what they have to say:


3.5mm to RCA
To connect your iPhone, iPad or iPod to your home stereo you just need a 3.5mm to RCA cable like this cable above. The RCA cable plugs into the rear of your stereo and the 3.5mm plugs into your iPhone headphone jack.

When plugging into the back of the Stereo Amplifier, you can use almost whatever inout you want: CD-INPUT, TAPE-IN, TV-IN, DVD-IN or the AUX-IN, but do not use the PHONO-IN as it is designed specifically for a record player and won’t sound as good.

The ‘AUX IN’ may be called something different, for example on this current model Pioneer reciever it’s called the ‘ANALOG AUX’.

The ‘AUX IN’ may be called something different, for example on this current model Pioneer reciever it’s called the ‘ANALOG AUX’.

The ‘AUX IN’ may be called something different, for example on this current model Pioneer reciever it’s called the ‘ANALOG AUX’.

For the best results set your iPhone volume to about half. If it’s too quiet you may get noise and hiss. If it’s too loud you may get some distortion.

You can have the USB charger plugged into the iPod at the same time.

If you want you can use an Apple iPod dock, and leave the audio and charger cable plugged into the dock permanently. The dock has a line out so that it doesn’t matter what volume the iPod is set to, and it will also charge your iPod, and has a remote control.


As for what cable to buy, they start as cheaply as 1c (e.g. here) but I’d steer away from one like that which uses cheap cable. Pretty much anyone can tell the difference in the sound on one of these cheap cables even if you don’t know much about music at all. I use one like this which costs about $25, you can buy one somewhere in the middle for around $10 like this or this.

If you are buying a new Stereo, Pioneer and others are now including AIRPLAY into some of their amplifiers. The amplifiers have a Wi-Fi receiver built in which means you can play from your iOS device over your Wi-Fi (Airport) network directly to your Stereo with no loss of quality. You don’t need to connect any cables.

Source: www.machowto.com

Merry Christmas from Tinsel & Tunes, we hope to see you Christmas morning!

Welcome to Tinsel & Tunes 2013

Every year on launch day I find myself in disbelief that the countdown clock (that starts churning on January 1st) is about to reach zero and we blast off into another season of Tinsel & Tunes. Tonight, we are back at it and this year will be our best yet. On a programming front more than 100 new songs have been added and a few long-standing T&T classics have been retired. Due to the popularity of our Christmas Day programming with limited interruptions from 4am to 2pm, we are bringing it back. When you tune in on December 24th, starting at midnight EST, we will broadcast with very limited station announcements and interruptions until 2pm on Christmas Day. Additionally, we will offer a special presentation at midnight Christmas Eve into Christmas Day! You do not want to miss it.

The App is Back!
We just submitted the brand new Tinsel & Tunes 2013 iPhone app to Apple for approval this afternoon! I couldn’t be more excited. The app itself has been completely redesigned for iOS7 and features the best sounding AAC+ stream we have ever produced! Our 32k AAC+ mobile stream is perfect for people with data plans as it uses nearly 100kbs less than virtually all other streaming services while offering incredible sound.

For those of you without iPhones, just click the “mobile” listening link on our listen page or download the Tune-In app.

Lastly, I’d like to thank you, our listeners, for your ongoing support! We are in our 8th official season of broadcasting Tinsel & Tunes – and we’re still commercial free. We wouldn’t be here without you and for your support I’m eternally grateful.

Wishing you Happy Holiday, the Merriest of Christmases and a joyous New Year! Thanks for making us part of your holiday traditions.


Mak McKeehan
Founding Program Director
Tinsel & Tunes