The warm summer nights have faded into cool fall breezes. This changing of the seasons signals the beginning of our yearly free Christmas music radio station.  In just over a month, Tinsel & Tunes 2011 will launch on November 1st, 2011.  Once again, we have made a number of changes, some based upon your suggestions, to ensure the station is better than ever. This year’s song list is even larger too! As always, we are open to your suggestions, just comment below!

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It may be a bit early, but Happy Holidays from Tinsel & Tunes!

2 Responses to “Christmas Music for 2011”
  1. Stosh in Costa Rica

    Man…you are my savior. I am a big fan of Christmas, and especially the music of the season. Your eclectic selection is on in my office and at home every day. My huge pile of Christmas CDs is still in the box from last year.
    Have a Great Christmas…and thanks again for the wonderful tunes…
    P.S.Please try and keep the re-mix songs to a minimum…they give me a headache.

    • admin


      Thanks for the kind vibes from Costa Rica! We’ll be doing it all again this year starting November 1st. Regarding the remixes, haha, people dig those dude! We only take a few hours a week to give them some spins, but appreciate your feedback.



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