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Listen to Tinsel and Tunes on your smart phone

Tinsel and Tunes free Christmas music

This year, we have introduced several new ways to enjoy Tinsel and Tunes. Through a streaming partnership with Tune In, you will be able to take the free Christmas music of Tinsel and Tunes wherever you go, on virtually any device. Download the Tune In app, search for Tinsel and Tunes, then add us as one of your favorite stations. Through Tune In, you’ll be able to download the songs you love via iTunes and stay on top of our play lists.

Tinsel and Tunes App

Many requests have come in for the return of our very own Tinsel and Tunes app. We will have a brand new app ready to go sometime in November. The app will be iPhone and iPad ready. As always, you can download a selection of other streaming apps from your smartphone’s app store. Then just click the “Mobile Stream” option under the “Listen” link in our navigation bar. Tinsel and Tunes will stream via any application that supports AAC+ and mp3PRO streams. This excludes Windows Media Player.

At capacity and adding more slots

Yes, we’ve hit our listener capacity two days in a row! That’s awesome. Thanks for the support. We’re working on increasing listener slots as this is being typed. In the meantime, if you cannot get through, click here, to listen to our 32k acc+ stream until the new slots are set up. Thanks for making 2010 a record year for Tinsel and Tunes!

UPDATE: 12/1/2010 7:00pm

The additional 128k listening slots were added at 3pm EST. Thanks for your patience! Tinsel & Tunes is thrilled to provide so many of you with the perfect Christmas mix. Thanks for listening!